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The Mighty Chi Epsilon ChapterWelcome to the Mighty Chi Epsilon Chapter website.  This is used for correspondence and announcements for the chapter.  The Chi Epsilon Chapter of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Incorporated was founded on the campus of Albany State University on April 30, 1949.  It has remained active on the campus for over 61 years. 

Undergraduate brothers are charged with carrying on chapter traditions and Omega requirements.  Because this site is shared by both undergraduates and members who joined Omega through Chi Epsilon and moved on as productive graduates in communities throughout the country and beyond, the site displays information for active chapter members and graduates alike.

In addition to the static mission of displaying information about the chapter and fraternity as a whole, we use this site to support members of the brotherhood.  Donation links are explained in detail and all contributions for the stated fund or activity are channeled directly to the stated recipient or cause.  We use a certified payment gateway for all financial activities associated with the site and transfers are secure.

Thanks for visiting the home page of the Mighty Chi Epsilon Undergad/Graduate brothers united.   We look forward to serving you with up to date information on the chapter and the fraternity as it comes available.

Long Live Omega Psi Phi & The Mighty Chi Epsilon!!!!


The Albert W. "Smitty" Smith Endowment Campaign



 Our Living Legacy:  "Half Head" In Action


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Register Now Or Donate!The brothers of the Mighty Chi Epsilon are again soliciting your support in the name of our beloved Brother Albert “Smitty” Smith affectionately known as “Half Head” among those who know and love him.  In his honor, the chapter is continuing to build on an endowment through and with Albany State University.  This year’s homecoming will be no different as we again plan on bestowing upon the university in the name of Brother Smith, a check for $10,000 dollars.  


We’re taking donations for this fund at the link.  Members and friends of Chi Epsilon established a non-profit organization to support this endeavor.  All donations are tax deductible in accordance with non-profit organization regulations.  You’ll receive a immediate receipt for your contribution and we’re maintaining meticulous records for historical purposes.  Help the cause by making your contribution now.  You can donate up to $490.00 on this site but we’re accepting checks as well.  


To support this effort, we’re also selling tickets to our annual chapter breakfast banquet.  We’ll be hosting an all-inclusive buffet breakfast at the Orene Hall on the campus of Albany State University on October 14th, 2017 at 7:00AM.  Your purchase will help the cause and you can view a special presentation to be conducted with the President of Albany State University with other invited dignitaries and guests.  Like last year, this year’s event is open to all and will happen early Saturday morning so you can support the parade.  Purchase event tickets here or donate!


Charter Line of 1949!

This photo of the charter members of the Chi Epsilon Chapter of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity at Albany State College in Albany, Georgia appeared in the September 1949 ORACLE. The chapter was established in the Spring of 1949 under the direction of Brother J.T. Brooks, 7th District Representative. Photo from left to right: Clark Luther (Keeper of Finance) Carter D. Marshall (Basileus) B. LeAndrew Fuse (Chapter Editor) Oscar A.G. Johnson (Vice Basileus) Cornell Williams (Keeper of Records and Seal) Robert T. Daniels (Chaplain) Samuel Chatman, and in the center William Newsome (Keeper of Peace).




Founding members est. 1949